Empathic Toxikinesis is the ability in which upon obtainment, the body releases hormones quickly causing permanent changes in the users mind and body. It permanently; grants the user limitless libido and vitality, enhances the users body making the user extremely well-endowed, ambrosial and redolent, and irresistibly attractive. The physical enhancements grant the user; flawless skin, perfect dentition, beautiful hair, an alluring voice, majestic handsomeness, perfect, golden-proportioned body, and the passive secretion of an odorless pheromone which makes the user sexually irresistible to others. They naturally induce pleasure and desire while subtly lifting inhibitions. Those affected remain fully themselves, but can't help but long for the user's favor and affection. Users become the ultimate sexual being. They have a sexuality imprinted nature, giving them a life full of pleasure with any means and most effective ways possible, use anything at hand to do so experiencing hyper-sexuality that can transcend their sex drive to potentially supernatural levels, making them experts on their first try in anything, they can affect those around them just by wanting them and repel those the users doesn't want, having no mental problems either before, during or after the deed.

User have complete mastery of any and/or all form of sexuality. Making them the ultimate sexual partner in life, having full mastery in sexuality and anything related to it by nature. Users also have the ability to bring out the sexuality from other beings they never knew they had with but a whisper or touch, capable of seducing, arousing and satisfying anyone. Instincts are powerful enough to detect what the others want, will want and have within them and themselves. Users can sense and understand the feelings of others. 

In addition to attraction the pheromones make the user extremely charismatic others will find themselves agreeing with user as if every word they says becomes the most logical and sensible thing they've ever heard. They will feel content, peace, satisfied and even happy. Can result in other beings to develop immense loyalty, even addictive emotional attachments.

Known Users Edit

Sophie Adler