|bgcolor="Silver" rowspan="2" |[[Image:{{{image}}}|250px]]
 |bgcolor="#003333" style="font-size:110%; color:black"| [[{{{episode}}}]]
 |bgcolor="Silver"|Writer: {{{writer}}}
 |bgcolor="Silver"|Director: {{{director}}}



Empty syntaxEdit

to use this template, copy and paste the text below into your page and complete the parameter values

|main (use this for main characters)
<!-- Type in the episodes the character appeared in without wiki formatting -->


Empty syntaxEdit

This template doesn't look like much because its all busted up into pieces, but it looks really great when its all put together on the page, (see Season 1), and it makes it tons easier to update the table. To use this template to create a table, copy and paste this first section just once at the top of the table.

{| border=1 cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 width=95% style="margin: 0 0 1em 1em; background: #333333; border: 1px #2F4F4F solid; border-collapse: collapse;"
! bgcolor="#0033CC"| Image
! bgcolor="#0033CC"| Title
! bgcolor="#0033CC"| Writer(s)
! bgcolor="#0033CC"| Director(s)
! bgcolor="#0033CC"| Airdate
! bgcolor="#0033CC"| #

Copy and paste these lines as many times as you need to create as many rows as you need. Fill in the parameter values.


Copy and paste this last little bit just once at the very end of the table.


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