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JJ, Jimmy Powell Junior
Family Jim Powell (Father), Stephanie Powell (Mother), Daphne Powell (Sister)
Powers and
Intuitive Intelligence
Played By Jimmy Bennett
Status Alive

James Matthew "JJ" Powell, Jr. is a character in No Ordinary Family.

Character BiographyEdit

JJ Powell is the youngest of the Powell family with the abilities of intuitive intelligence. Before the plane crash at the beginning of the series, JJ was an under achiever in the family and had a difficult time considering his mother is a professional scientist and his sister is a straight A student. Through out the first couple episodes, JJ kept his power secret from his family until his sister Daphne found out. Later within the series he is able to use his powers outside of math by using them to join the football team, and beating his grandfather at pool and gaining his car (later given to Daphne). JJ is also able to see many other things besides football angles with his power. For instance, he can see the perfect place to strike an opponent.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Intuitive Intelligence- JJ's intelligence has been dramatically enhanced, granting him a super genius intellect. He is capable of performing highly complex geometric and trigonomic calculations almost instantly, and has shown an incredible capacity for learning and memorization, demonstrating the ability to fluently learn a language in a matter of days. Prior to the accident, JJ had a significant learning disability, and his sudden increase in intelligence has caused him to draw the attention of the staff at his school, with many suspecting him of cheating or using focus-enhancing drugs.

It should be noted that under instances of heightened emotion, he is unable to use his ability, which he explains as his brain being too busy with said emotion.

JJ's powers also seem to extend to his muscle control, allowing him to perform very precise muscle movements such as complex billiards shots and pinpoint accurate football passes with virtually no practice beforehand.

JJ seems to see the equation being solved as if he were actually seeing it. This makes him understand mathematics at the most complex level including biological maths, chemical equations ,probability and permutation. This suggests that his intelligence could be part intuition.

On the episode No Ordinary Mobster, Katie tutors JJ and had a conclusion that he can only holds the intelligence for six hours. However, JJ regularly cites complex scientific information out of the blue, which would imply that his powers have grown beyond the "six hour rule", either extending or eliminating that restriction altogether.

In No Ordinary Powell, it is seen that his enhanced intellect affords him some level of immunity against Daphne's telepathic suggestion ability. He attributes this due to having around 30% of his brain activity being more active than most people. His insusceptability was not perfect, however, since JJ momentarily gave in to Daphne's request right before realizing a split-second later of what she did.


In No Ordinary Ring, he asks Daphne for help reading the thought of a girl to find out whether she likes him.

Natalie PostonEdit

Natalie is JJ's love interest.

In No Ordinary Sidekick, he discovers a girl that he likes shorts out his powers. She can keep up with his extremely fast brain, and in the end of the episode, they kiss. He loves Natalie.

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